What Is Hosting Service

•Choose hosting service after you purchase PandaMiner B3 Plus and your miner will run in our mining farm, and be maintained 24/7 by our professional support team

•You only need to pay 0.38 RMB/kWh of electricity fee against a fixed power consumption, with zero maintenance fee. The electricity bills will be sent to you the next month, and need to be paid via RMB remittance

•You need to submit the following mining setting info to us when completing full payment of your order: cryptocurrency you want to mine, wallet address, mining pool

•Your miner will start running within 3-5 days after delivery, and you can check your hashpower and mining income through your mining pool link. If you got any problem you can contact our support team at our mining farm

Hosting Rules


1.Hosting service is available for: PandaMiner B7,PandaMiner B7 PRO,PandaMiner B3 PandaMiner B8

2. Hosting service is a additional service, the hosting service provider holds no commitment for the mining hashrates and mining income of miners running at mining pool

3.Remote operation is not allowed considering security issue of mining farm management

4.PandaMiner reserves the right of final interpretation for the Hosting Rules

Electricity Fee

1. 0.38 RMB/kWh of electricity fee against a fixed power consumption:

    PandaMiner B3 Plus power consumption: 1.35kW(ETH mining)

    PandaMiner B5 Plus power consumption: 0.8kW(ETH mining)

  For example,the 24 hours electricity fee of one Panda Miner B7 unit for ETH mining is: 0.38RMB/kWh*1.25kW*24hours = 11.4 RMB

2.The monthly electricity bill will be settled at the beginning of each month, and will be sent to user’s registered email address

3.Please complete the payment in 7 days after electricity bill was sent by official, or the miner will be shut down because of not pay out in time

4.No electricity charges during power outage due to mining farm power outage caused by power plant power outage


1.It will take 3-5 working days for deployment after miners arrive mining farm

2.The hosting service provider will record the start time of mining and set it to calculate electricity fee, the time is accurate to 1 day, less than 1 day is calculated by 1 day

3.Each miner will be listed with the rack number as miner’s name


1.Miners will be maintained by professional support team in mining farm

2.If miner got abnormal issue like: shutdown, hashrates too low, user can submit repair request to support team in mining farm through miner name

3.After receiving the repair request, support team in mining farm will handle the request, the repair time depends on the miner’s condition

4.The hosting service provider holds no compensation obligations for loss of mining income due to miner repair, and the electricity fee is still calculated according to the fixed power consumption(repair time over 15 days except)

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